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agreed. what do you mean you can’t reblog? just the process of reblogging from blogs is annoying? because that irks me every time. the new update should only affect dashboard reblogs. my worst bugs is getting stuck when i try to reblog photosets.

No like I actually can’t. It won’t let me. When I press the reblog button the white text turns grey and it just kinda freezes there and nothing happens. But yeah, I think the only time the new reblog process happens is on the dashboard. And if you open it in a new tab it should appear as the old method. That just makes more sense since it’s a popup style thing y’know?

That’s strange, I don’t have that bug. Another really annoying one though is that after I reblog something on the dashboard it scrolls up really fast then back down to the exact top of the post I just reblogged. I feel like they were trying to do something with that but they messed it up.

1 year ago
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  1. extracrispy said: that was happening to me until i disabled missing e. you’d think that. and your right it should be that way but mine takes me to my dashboard and puts the post im reblogging in the reblog window automatically. the scrolling thing was happening to me2
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