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extracrispy replied to your post: I’ve really been looking forward to missing e’s…

it’s interesting that tumblr doesn’t just hire the missing e people, since they know they exist and actual tried to block them from being used for a while. i’ve run into some bugs too, not anything major though. i just miss missing e doe

Yeah I dunno I guess they think they’re too good for them or something. I don’t really see how third party add ons are really hurting them that much. I dunno, the bugs I ran into are pretty annoying. The most annoying one I’d have to say is that I can’t reblog more than 1 or 2 things directly from blogs. Almost takes the point out of even having the blogs in the first place.

1 year ago
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  1. extracrispy said: agreed. what do you mean you can’t reblog? just the process of reblogging from blogs is annoying? because that irks me every time. the new update should only affect dashboard reblogs. my worst bugs is getting stuck when i try to reblog photosets.
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