Tiffani Thiessen ♥, I’ve really been looking forward to missing e’s...

I’ve really been looking forward to missing e’s rebuttle to the new tumblr update. I feel like there’s a lot that they can build up on with this new setup. Tumblr really kinda kicked them in the nuts though because a lot, if not most, of the features that missing e offers can’t be used by tumblr anymore. And it’s a shame that with such a big update tumblr still missed these things that missing e noticed the site needed. Another thing that bugs me is well, all of the bugs in this new update. I really tried to like the new update at first and I didn’t see much wrong with it, but I’ve ran into a good 3 or 4 big bugs (I don’t feel like going into them because I don’t want this post to be much longer) that make using tumblr a real nuisance. And they aren’t just features I don’t like, they’re actual bugs. Any who, with all that being said, I hope missing e will come out with a really good update that gives tumblr the much needed facelift it so rightly deserves. 

1 year ago
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  1. extracrispy said: it’s interesting that tumblr doesn’t just hire the missing e people, since they know they exist and actual tried to block them from being used for a while. i’ve run into some bugs too, not anything major though. i just miss missing e doe
  2. darkwintertokyo said: Missing e is total shit, use xkit.
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